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Mount Pleasant Fishing Lodge is on white bright sands, along the eastern coast of Andros, Bahamas. Andros is located 150 miles SE of Miami, Florida. It's the largest of the 700 Bahamian islands; remains the least populated. It's 104 miles long and forty miles wide at its widest point. It has more fishing flats than any other island in the Caribbean and has long been known for its sheer numbers and size of bonefish. Some say the next world record bone is swimming around Andros. The people here are friendly and welcoming. Andros is home to the second largest reef chain in the world which stretches the entire length of the island creating endless diving and deep sea fishing options. The Island is very undeveloped with no large resorts and no tall buildings. The island setting is laid back and casual. There is Bahamian currency, but no need to exchange since the US dollar is equal to the same amount and accepted everywhere on the island.